Hey There, I’m Heath 👋

I am a Florida Man based out of Los Angeles. My skills in design and product management have led me to hold a variety of positions involving innovation. Currently, I am a student at USC✌️ studying the Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation where I am gaining the knowledge and experience to propel my career forward.

If you don’t find me creating the next, I am usually photographing the local car scene or tending the net for the men’s ice hockey team.


Living communities that foster social interaction through intentionally spaces and offerings.


June 2022 - Present

Developed and presented prototypes of what ZipRecruiter’s role looks like in the future of work.

Product Consultant

Spring 2022

In-depth research of future healthcare industry trends and presentation of innovative opportunities.

Product Consultant

Fall 2022

Lead Spark's creative studio team and projects. Currently leading an internal education initiative.

Board Member

September 2021 - Present

Designed and built a product for students & researchers. Product was pitched to possible VCs at the end of the incubator.

Product Designer

Fall 2021

Design Philosophy

Purpose Driven

My purpose, which is constantly evolving, serves as the driving force behind all of my projects. The question "Why?" guides my every move, ensuring that each and every one of my endeavors is grounded in a strong foundation of reasoning and support.

People First

I am a steadfast believer in user-centered design, and believe that the audience should be given equal consideration in discussions. Their input should serve as the foundation for any solution, as it is essential for creating designs that truly meet their needs and expectations.


We often make the mistake of overcomplicating design, which not only wastes resources and materials, but also increases the likelihood that the user will become lost while using our design. It is important to strive for simplicity and clarity in order to create designs that are easy to use and navigate.

"A renaissance person is someone who is able to fulfill their purpose regardless of medium."

I am a fun guy.

Kawhi Leonard

When I am not building the next . . .

Racing Cars

Tending the Net


Let's Work!


I’m always open for one-on-ones over lunch, coffee, canyon runs, or laser-tag pizza parties. Hope to hear from you soon!

Heath Chancey