Fall 2022


Multifunctional tabletop and storage solution for micro-units.

Industrial Design

The Brief

Daptivo was a 6-week design sprint completed for one of my classes at USC. The prompt for the project was open-ended, but the project had to focus on the organization of spaces. Our team of 5 set out to address spatial needs in micro-living environments.

Challenge and Opportunity

How might we combine the flat surface areas within micro-living situations into a singular adaptable table?

Product Overview

Daptivo is multifunctional tabletop and storage solution for micro-units.

Daptivo Uses

Key Features

Extending Surface

An extra 4 square feet of table flips up to expand the size of the surface. This is helpful for dining with friends.

Storage Space

Daptivo has multiple compartments for storage adding about 6 square feet for for supplies.

Elevated Surface

Daptivo raises from 30” to 38” allowing for varying interactions with the heights. This is great for a kitchen counter surface.


Daptivo sits on castors, so you have the flexibility to roll Daptivo into place when you need it.

Saving Space

In micro-living, residents need to fight for every square foot. Individuals might buy a kitchen island, a desk, and a dining table which takes up about 22ft². Daptivo saves:


space saved compacted


space saved extended

Daptivo’s Footprint Vs. Having a Desk, Dining Table, & Kitchen Island

Saving Money

As for cost, one might be spending around $500 or more on traditional furniture. We intend to sell Daptivo for around $150 which saves our customers about $350.

Daptivo’s Cost Vs. Buying a Desk, Dining Table, & Kitchen Island

Case Study

Daptivo was a 6-week design sprint completed for one of my classes at USC. The prompt for the project said teams had to focus on the organization of spaces.

Market Research

We looked into micro-living as a trend that would need new organizational solutions. Given that these units are much smaller than traditional, individuals are fighting to regain every square foot they can.


Micro-living is projected to increase by 75% in the next decade.


Units around 350 square feet need flexible furniture solutions.


As micro-apartments rise in popularity in expensive urban areas, there is not enough space within these micro-apartments (~350 sq. ft.) for individuals to comfortably fit all of their furniture and possessions.

Our Thought Process


Our design intentions evolved and developed over brainstorming and designing in different mediums.

Qualitative User Testing Take Aways

Users wanted more height options as different levels are more accommodating. The next iteration will include this feature.

Indistinctive Appeal

“Very functional but its design doesn’t show off its own flexibility.”

“Just looks like a study table.”

Height Needs

“9/10 user interviews desired variance in height."

Brand Identity

The word “Daptivo” roots from the Spanish word for adaptive as our product could adapt for many use cases. Our target demographic is mostly younger renters as they are the ones budgeting for micro-living. Given this, we opted to bring a dynamic and energizing appeal to this branding.




Building Blocks

On the Horizon

I am pleased to announce that our team has successfully completed the project with flying colors, earning an A+. I am extremely proud of everything that we were able to accomplish in such a short time frame. As a developer of micro-units for Urban Neighbors, I can confidently say that Daptivo is an excellent furniture solution for their unique living situations.

Heath Chancey