Heath Chancey

This collection of projects serves as a window into my thought process as an aspiring urban planner and real estate developer.

Born and raised in Tampa, I am currently a student at the University of Southern California, completing a Master’s in Urban Planning while wrapping up a Design Strategy and Entrepreneurship degree. Outside the classroom, I am building the future of affordable, community-centric living as the founder of Urban Neighbors.

Currently, my mission is to spearhead the evolution and development of our present and future cities. With this in mind, I am pursuing opportunities in planning-related disciplines such as housing and community development as well as economic development. My passion for creating beneficial outcomes within these areas is driven by a skillset in project management, design strategy, and spatial data analysis. This expertise aligns seamlessly with a philosophy that values a forward-thinking and interdisciplinary approach to building thriving communities.

Unfortunately, there's nothing beyond this point. Don't be a stranger - feel free to connect with me on social platforms.